Deco in Delhi is an initiative by Geetanjali Sayal, an Architect and an Independent Researcher, born out of the curiosity around the current perception of people about Delhi's heritage.


The research started with analysing the styles of the once or still functional, yet comparatively older structures and objects that surround us. A common link that was connecting all of these was the once popular style which travelled to India and Delhi primarily via Bombay - Art Deco.


Belonging to an Architecture background, the starting point was indeed the Delhi’s landscape while identifying the built forms and eventually zooming in to the finer details to indulge in the interplay between the exterior and interior. The aim of this project to raise awareness, document and research around Art Deco heritage built and created during the 1900s which is relatively quite old and in some places already replaced, renovated, or in a dilapidated condition. This makes for an urgent yet exciting moment to look at non-monumental heritage we lived in and grew up with.