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H.C. Sen Clinic + I.M.H. Press (Shankar Terrace)

This commercial complex seen on H.C. Sen Marg (Chandni Chowk) named after Dr. Hem Chandra Sen who came to Delhi in 1879 in a bullock cart all the way from Agra. He became the first Indian allopathy doctor of Delhi and an initiator of Durga Puja in the city. Born in Calcutta before the 1857 revolt, he died in 1906, succeeded by his sons, Dr. B.C. Sen and Dr. R.B. Sen. In 1883 Dr. Sen, founder of the Imperial Medical Hall, set up the Imperial Medical Press and type-setting moulding unit adjacent to his clinic. It was afterwards run by his nephew A.T. Roy, and the latter’s sons and grandsons, as one of the leading presses of Delhi. Member of the first management committee of Hindu College, Dr. Sen played a leading role in youth education along with Lala Shri Krishna Dass Gurwala (one of the founders of the college), M. M. Malaviya and many others of note.

The road from the Fountain Chowk leading to Old Delhi station is named after him and on Ansari road in Daryaganj where his descendants continue to maintain their 100-year-old pharmacy.

Some notable Art Deco features seen in these images are the square and hexagon shapes flat roofs, vertical ribs with low relief work, series of windows along the facade, curved edges


Text :

The Hindu (August, 2014) A legendary doc,

Images :

Top - Sanjay Bhargava twitter account

Bottom - Varun Shiv Kapur (Sarson ke Khet)

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