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Ram Rup Clock Tower

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Not many people are aware of the last surviving clock towers that Delhi has, one of which we recently became aware of on our quest to hunt for more Art Deco structures in the city.

Built in 1941, the Ram Rup Tower located in Subzi Mandi, Chandni Chowk area, is one of the two functioning clock towers in Delhi. It is locally known as Ghanta Ghar — inspired by the iconic Gothic clock tower built originally called Ghanta Ghar/ Northbrook Clock tower in 1870, a location where some of the events in relation to India’s freedom movement took place.

A 79 year old structure, Ram Rup tower, is made out of marble and exhibits some Art Deco features in its facade with a Classical and Egyptian influence.


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Barun Ghosh

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